One day, I would like to ride
a rollercoaster with you,
so that we can make nervous
conversation on our way to the top,
so that we can feel an ancient battle-ready drumming
build as we near the precipice of no looking back,
so that we will glance at each other for just a split second
before our stomachs rush in our chests
and our hearts scream into our throats
so that our faces will plummet at ninety degrees in unison
before skyrocketing back into the Sun as one
so that our ears will rumble on the same rhythm
and our fingers will shake on the same metal harnesses
so that the fervor on my skin will be the same as yours
in every twist and turn and fall,
the same thrill of death vibrating in our bones, together,
unafraid, thanks to love and trust in modern safety belts,
just the two of us, surviving together despite no real threat,
just the two of us, alive in the brief quiet calm,
where only the two of us exist, unharmed and victorious
between the last adrenalined laugh
and the “let’s do that again.”