Saguaro Blossom

my, my,
what a silly,
wandering foot-traveller,
you sandy-toed, foolish nomad,
don’t you know there are so many
pretty flowers around the corner?
and although I’m sarcastic
and hard to get a hold of
through social media
or whatever
it does not mean
I hide a gooey center
inside my spikey sense of humor
for a nice boy like yourself to dig out.
I am just a cactus with a single white flower.
that’ll die soon, with or without water
so I recommend you find someone
who is much sweeter,
much lovelier,
a flower-faced bud
who whispers nectar
from pink petal lips, perhaps.
and forget about me, already.
so I can stand thorny-arms crossed,
blazing hot, dry and angry in the sun
green with chloroplastic envy
in the middle of a dusty
desert by my own
goddamn self.